Ruben Garza, Jr.	
3304 Bratton Ridge Crossing
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 799-4222

Objective	To create tools and cinematic quality artwork for video games.

11/2011 – 2/2013 Vigil Games | Senior Technical Artist	Austin, TX
  *	Implemented all in game cinematics.
  *	Created tools for automating cinema exports.
  *	Animated characters and managed outsource pipeline.
  *	Shipped Darksiders 2 for Xbox360, PS3, PC

1/2010 - 10/2011 Timegate Studios | Senior Technical Animator	Sugar Land, TX
  *	Rigged & Skinned Xeno and Human characters for Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  *	Animated aliens, marines, vehicles and implemented them using  UE3 Matinee \ Kismet.
  *	Created custom materials for Unreal 3: water, shields, glass
  *	Shipped Section 8:Prejudice for Xbox360, PS3, PC
2008 - 2010 EA Mythic | Senior Technical Artist	Fairfax, VA
  *	Rebuilt a non-functional environment art pipeline.
  *	Wrote standalone xml and image browser in python script.
  *	Managed EASH outsourcing studio to deliver game ready assets.
  *	Shipped Ultima Online: The Stygian Abyss for PC

2006 - 2008 NCsoft Austin | Lead Technical Artist	Austin, TX
  *	Created 3DS Max COLLADA exporter that supports models, textures, animations and triggers
  *	Managed 5 artists and negotiated deals with outsourcing studios to create game assets
  *	Established pipelines for all client side art processes from animation to character creation
  *	Shipped Tabula Rasa for PC (core technology group) 

2004 - 2006 AUTODESK | Application Specialist	Austin, TX
  *	Demonstrated 3DSMax functionality to game, military, architectural and video clients
  *	Trained many production studios in latest visualization techniques

2004 Midway Austin |  Artist	Austin, TX
  *	Created level, effects, and character animation as well as scripts
  *	Shipped Area 51 for PS2 and Xbox

2003 Wolfpack Studios | Technical Artist	Austin, TX
  *	Created Max script Acclaim format motion capture importer/exporter
  *	Created proprietary format animation exporter
  *	Shipped Shadowbane: The Rise of Chaos for PC

2002–2003 Digital Anvil | Cinematic Artist	Austin, TX
  *	Generated high resolution textures for Maya rendered Mission Briefings
  *	Created facial expressions and Viseme shapes for four characters
  *	Shipped Brute Force for Xbox

2001–2002 Point of View | Technical Artist	Austin, TX
  *	Worked with converting models and animations from Maya to Max
  *	Shipped Scorpion King (PS2), Smash and Drive (port) and Spy Hunter (port)

1999–2001 Kinesoft Development | Lead Animator	Austin, TX
  *	Directed motion capture session at Performance Capture Studios
  *	Managed 2 animators as well as a SWAT officer at a mocap shoot
  *	Tracked and managed the cleaning of over 500 pieces of motion capture

1996–1999 Origin Systems | Graphic Specialist	Austin, TX
  *	Animated monster characters for Ultima Online
  *	Created the cover art for Computer Games Strategy Plus May 1999
  *	Shipped Wing Commander Prophecy (PC) and Ultima Online: The Second Age (PC)

  *	Experienced with 3DS Max, Maya, zBrush, Photoshop
  *	Experienced scripter, including Python, MaxScript and Mel

  *	Writing scripts to create custom tools and automate tasks
  *	Working closely with programmers to push technology
  *	3D modeling and texturing
  *	Animation and editing motion capture