This is a work in progress to add functionality to the editable poly tool.

Edit poly is a great tool, but one thing I really wanted was the abilty to copy and paste x,y and z positions of verts. The top rollout allows you to do that. You can copy a vert's position and then select as many verts as you want and paste the x, y, z, xy, xz, or yz position to all the selected verts. This a great way to quickly line up verts. You can also select zero, which will zero out the copy buffer and allow you to move verts to 0.

The Vertex Tools rollout is an ongoing attampt to group often used tools in one small interface. Constraints are buried in the interface, and I use them often, so I built them into this tool. Chamfer is another useful tool and I decided to put it in here as well.

The last rollout, Views, will quickly swap views and zoom in on your selected object. The last bit of functionality is the abilty to quickly switch your coordinate system.

The long term goal for this tool is to replace the command panel with a lighter interface.

This script works best on editable poly objects. It does not work with editable meshes.
It also works with edit poly modifer, but transforms are in parent space. This will be addressed later.
Open the script in max and run it. It is not a macroscript currently.