Game Camera
This script enhances the walkthrough mode by adding collisiion detection in real time. The camera will stay above the ground and not allow you to go through walls.
Vert Tool
This script creates a handy floater window with several vert editing tools for edit poly mode.
XML Skeleton Exporter
This script exports a max skeleton to an XML file.
Tutorial 01: Intro To MaxScript
We discuss the basics of Maxscipt in this tutorial.
Tutorial 02 - First Sample Script with UI
In this longer tutorial, we look at creating a UI for a sample script that snaps verts to the closest unit value.
Tutorial 03 - Simple Collision Detection
In this short tutorial, we take a brief look at casting rays in 3DS Max to make a car wheel follow terrain.
Tutorial 04 - Script Controller Collision Detection
In this tutorial, we extend the ray casting tutorial with a scripted controller so that we have real time collision detection in 3DS Max.